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Stakeholder Forum

As the name suggests, the Collaborative Spine Research Foundation is firmly committed to the collaborative process and its rewards, including the deep insights that come through listening, discussing and reflecting across disciplines and perspectives. For that reason, the Foundation has made ongoing broad-based stakeholder consultation a key operating principle. Continual dialogue is vital to both the development of the Foundation’s research agenda, as well as its efforts to expand knowledge and improve and enhance clinical spine care by leading the way in cutting-edge research.

All Voices are Important
Collaborative Spine seeks input from all segments of the stakeholder community, including those who provide, support and receive spine care. We continue to reach out to the full range of diverse constituents who contribute to and benefit from the best possible spine care.

For more information on how Collaborative Spine involves stakeholders in setting research priorities, please visit the Our Research Agenda page.

Collaborative Spine welcomes research ideas and suggestions for enhancing spine care. Please send your comments to us at ideas@csrfoundation.net.