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Our Research Agenda

The Collaborative Spine Research Foundation was formed in 2011 to advance the science and practice of the highest-quality spine care through the collaborative funding and support of clinical research. This page outlines the philosophy and principles that underlie the Foundation’s commitment to concentrate resources on answering the most important research questions and ensure that all funded projects are conducted in a valid, meaningful and rigorous fashion. To read an executive summary of the research agenda for Collaborative Spine, please click here. To view the full overview document detailing Collaborative Spine's agenda for clinical spine research, please click here.

Collaborative Spine’s funding mechanisms are based on a two-pronged approach to research, funding both large, directed research projects and small, investigator-driven projects. The vast majority (80%) of grant funds are reserved for directed research projects that address crucial patient-care questions as determined in consultation with a variety of stakeholders. Investigator-driven projects that seek innovative solutions to clinical problems and are unconstrained by the directed research agenda are supported by the remaining 20% of available grant support.

All grants will be awarded based on scientific merit to deserving investigators selected through a stringent, two-stage peer-review process. Proposals are subject to evaluation for scientific impact and proposal quality. To receive a copy of the current directed research agenda, please send an e-mail request to contactus@csrfoundation.net.

A Collaborative Process
Collaborative Spine sets and refines its directed research agenda through ongoing consultation. Stakeholder representatives from all sectors of spine care, including those who provide, support and receive care, are invited to offer recommendations on research topics through: